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-Take a look-

Kat Shaffer
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Location: Canton, PA
Status: single
Fetish: clean feet
-To Do-
[ ] Get a job
[ ] Get a car
[ ] Get a life
-the lyrical addiction-
My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

"Long ago
Just like the hearse you died to get in again
We are so far from you.

Burning on just like a match you strike to incinerate.
The lives of everyone you know
And what’s the worst you take, from every heart you break (heart you break)
And like a blade you stain.
Well I've been holding on tonight

What’s the worst that I could say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Came a time
When every star fall brought you to tears again
We are the very hurt you sold
And what’s the worst you take, from every heart you break.
And like a blade you stain.
Well I've been holding on tonight.

What’s the worst that I could say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

And if you carry on this way
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Can you hear me?
Are you near me?
Can we pretend to leave and then,
We’ll meet again, when both our cars collide.

What’s the worst that I could say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

And if you carry on this way
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight"
We'll meet again when both our cars collide...
Tuesday. 3.1.05 12:03 pm
mood: obese
listening to: My Chemical Romance - Helena
watching: My Chemical Romance - Helena

Wow, I have been staring at this webpage, trying to figure out what to update on, for about 25 minutes now.....

I do not really know where I should start my update.

I have officially joined the "Livestrong" bandwagon. I feel like a sheep, but at least it is for a good cause. I also got the "Hope Faith Love" breast cancer awareness bracelet. My awesome Dad got them for me for Christmas! :) Also, there are only 87 days till I turn 18. THAT IS LESS THAN 3 MONTHS, PEOPLE! That also means that there are 81 days till prom and that isn't a good thing, because A) I have not decided on a dress...Maybe you could help?

Choice One:

Choice Two:

I like them both, but I can't decide. The first one, I would just buy, but the second one I would have made. I would get the material in a raspberry or surf green, or aquamarine color! Tell me what you think!

Another fun fact, I just won my first item off of Ebay. I got a brand new XOXO leather handbag and a match wallet for the whopping price of $4.99!! Oh yes, I am ADDICTED TO EBAY! :) Speaking of which, if anyone would like to purchase a flute, I am selling mine. It is in great condition. It has had the pads replaced within the last two years, and it comes with it's own case. I want to sell it for about $350 dollars! If you are seriously interested, please send me a email at kmshaffer53@hotmail.com. Thanks!

I passed my senior project with an 89%. It is not the best score in the world, but the score really doesn't matter - it is a pass/fail deal.

Yeah, that is all I have for now because I am seriously tired as crap.

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2.5.05 - Saturday. 9:05 pm
I have no stress right now. My senior project is done, and I passed. I have completed my independent study of health. Both of these accomplishments equal my graduation in June. From now on, school is going to be pretty smooth sailing. For my composition class, we are doing song analysis, and the song I chose to analyze is Evanescence's cover of Korn's song Thoughtless. The song is dark, violent, and disturbing, but it has such a powerful feminist message. =p

In other news, I recently helped my choral director out with the District Chorus Festival that was held at our school Wednesday through today. I got to sit in the Director's room and none of the other students helping did. I got alot of the dirty gossip from all the directors and I know what they really think of some of the participants. I also got to know the results of the District Jazz audtions before anyone else did, GO ANDY, ANNA, and JENNA!!! WOO! Anyway, it was a fun time. Aside from getting the gushy gossip and a desk job during the festival, I got to talk to some REALLY REALLY good looking guys that were surprisingly down to earth. At the District Chorus Festival dance, one of the guys, accidentally jumped on top of me while we were all tearing it up during the YMCA. Yeah, he was everything most girls look for in a guy: semi tall - about 6', musician- guitar and obviously vocal, muscular - reasonably sized muscles he didn't look like a wimp but he didn't look like a body builder, and he smelled AWESOME! I did the YMCA, the cha cha slide, the Electric slide, the Hampster dance... HAHAHAHA, and a bunch of other ridiculous dances, but it was a killer time. Then I came home, and Chicken and I went to Mansfield for a Wally run. After Walmart, we stopped by to see Dave. It was a good time. I got home around 4am and had been up since 6am, so you can imagine how not with it I was.

Other than the things I have mentioned, nothing is new.

I'm going to bed.

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I walk a lonely road...
Merry Christmas!! 9:11 pm
So yeah, although I felt as though I got run over by a train, I didn't. For the past three plus weeks, I have been sick on and off- some days being able to do common tasks, and other days I can't even blink without having my whole body ache. I don't know why my immune system chooses to hate me, but it does, and that makes me sad. I guess when it comes down to it I will either A) get over it or B)Die. Let's hope for A, thanks. And do to my spectacular immune system, I have been to 6 days of school in the past 15 days, which really only means that I have make up homework out the wazoo!!!

To give you a taste of what I have to do...
     Chapter 24
         worksheet 1 &3
         Problems A
         Review 1 & 2
         pg.404 1 - 10
         pg. 410 11 - 15
         pg. 414 16 - 18

         pg. 263 2 - 20 even
         pg. 275 2 - 20 even
         pg. 283 1 - 10 all
         pg. 309 2 - 14 even
         pg. 321 2 - 14 even
         pg. 327 2 - 6 even
         pg. 338 2 - 20 even
         pg. 352 2 - 20 even
         Chapter 6 Test

         Write a paper on one of my personality traits or physical qualities, and I am drawing a blank as to what the hell to write about.

Senior Project:
         I have to write two papers; a proposal paper, and a process paper.
         create a presentation
         write a speech
         finish updating the accounts database.
         organize the material and put all the papers into binders

AP English:
         Read: Gulliver's Travels and write a essay on it.
         Read: Cry, The Beloved Country and complete an 80 page packet on it.
         Read: The Awakening and complete a packet on that too..

So I just made a list of EVERYTHING I need to do before I go back to school on January 3, 2005.

Alright, to bring something awesome to this depressing entry:

My little adorable sister, Greta, would love to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a delightful New Year!!

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so so so scandalous....
11:24 pm - 12.11.04, Saturday
The Snow Ball was awesome. I will have a complete review/update with PICTURES sometime soon, so check back then!!! :)

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what the crap?!?!
11.30.04 4:22 pm - Tuesday
Is this TWO entries written within a MONTH? Holy Crap! I must be insane or at least very bored. I had a very nice Thanksgiving break. I got to see my brother; Dave, dad; Michael, stepmom; Heidi, lil sister; Greta, and my cousins. I got to visit friends I haven't seen in forever, and it was a good time. Although it is all going to turn downhill because I have to go back to school tomorrow to attend school for THREE days, then it is the weekend again. SO LAME, but anyway... I made a whoppin $13 today while babysitting. Fun Stuff! By tomorrow morning, I have to write a paper, three current events reports, and read a book. It's not going all happen, but it should be done. bleh. I have a headache, and I am ready to be in college, like NOW! Right now, I am looking at laptops. I like the Dell Inspiron 5160. I haven't even looked at Apple.com yet. I am heading there next. I will try to be more frequent in my updates.

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I can't keep pretending....
11.26.04 9:59 am - Friday ...pw =booze
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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